We serve to provide a heightened level of awareness to the dynamics, characteristics and capabilities of window treatments and motorization when planning each shading project.

It focuses on the “HOW are we going to do that?” after the “WHAT TYPE of treatment” is determined for the project.

This is the classic “Chicken & the egg, what comes first?” question. Often the limitation of the “HOW” in a project can dictate the WHAT TYPE of treatment can be used. To avoid compromises, we highly recommend that you start your WHAT TYPE determinations as early as possible and no later than framing so accommodations can be made before drywall is installed.

By learning the specific aesthetic and functional needs of the end user we can describe what their preferred treatment can and cannot do and how it will align with their needs. We pride ourselves in being able to “make the impossible possible” when wishes collide with reality.

We work with end users/owners and professional partners in related industries. Though we provide all 4 stages of our process below, we’ll gladly help a partner with facets that they need. It’s not uncommon for us to be called in for our knowledge to Design and Manage a project; assisting a partner purchase material through their account to help their standing with a common vendor and often follow up with installation assistance.

• Is there a functional goal with the window treatments?
• How will they live with this?
• How do we apply and achieve these goals?

These are our main questions when approaching any project. Many times the design element is thought out only to collide with having to actually fit the treatments to the window and its then something wasn’t thought out.

For example, attempting to eliminate 1 light gap can cause the increase of a roller shade tube and stretch the fabric to such a size that a seam is required – unless a different fabric is chosen.

Our role is to provide that insight at the beginning of the project by bringing to light conditions about how the final product will go in that ultimately might not be to your liking. We can help with the design esthetics when it’s time to select the colors and patterns of the product, but if the function isn’t right when it comes time for the application, the esthetics are compromised.

After the design has been decided, it is our role to manage all the various trades that are going to impact that design.

We coordinate with the builder and electrician to make sure the project is properly prepped for the shade package. We walk the preparations before drywall to make sure everything has been put into place.

Once the openings are to the dimensions that represent the sizes the openings will be at installation, we measure. Sometimes this is a very tight window between when measurements can be made if the completion time and product lead time are very close to the same timing.

We take careful records of the sizes and double check out orders so the installation need only happen once. We track the production and shipment to manage the logistics of the product staying on schedule.

Our field personnel coordinate with the builder for installation dates and project readiness.

All said, we take our role seriously to make sure you shade package is one of the smoothest trades on your project.

Supply is a simple word. What it implies here is not so simple.

Often a project will have multiple needs or goals that cannot be sourced from one manufacturer. We source from our pool of manufacturers to make sure we are getting a product that will meet those needs.

Sometimes the requests are so non-standard that we have to ask the vendor for a one-off product just for one of our clients. We have such a good relationship with our vendors, they want to help us with our projects and even into some R&D opportunities.

During our initial job orientation, we’ll ask “On a scale of 1-10, how important is your privacy, your view when the shades are down, and lastly, cost?”

These let us understand your priorities and how we can best achieve them.

Our supply service is much like being a broker for window treatments, and having the resources to find the product that’s going to achieve your desired solutions.

Our installation follows in the same path as our previous facets. We take meticulous care in our work in and around a home, especially if it is one of those situations where the shades are going in as one of the last trades.

All our project management preparations help serve as the basis of what we’ll be doing when it is time to install.

Detailed sheets are created for our in-house installers describing how each technically challenged scenario will be overcome.

Our installations are such that we’d want you to feel privileged with the way the installation was executed and talk about it more in the future.